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Comprised of ALISHA, ANGELI, NACHO and VICTORIA, Blush is “4 girls from 4 Asian countries,” who are currently residing in Los Angeles. ¬†They are already enjoying unprecedented success within a short time thanks to their world-class talents and charm. The music of Blush is edgy and fun combining pop, R&B and dance into a unique spin, delivered by four gifted girls on a mission. Blush are the only singers to date, from Asia, to have their first two singles hit #3 (Undivided feat. Snoop Dogg) and #1 (Dance On) on a major US Billboard Chart.


Blush is sponsored by MAC Cosmetics.


Upcoming Events

september, 2014

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1sep6:00 pmBlush LIVE in Dublin
4sep6:00 pmBlush at Manchester Academy
5sep6:00 pmBlush Performs Live in London!
6sep6:00 pmBlush LIVE in London!
7sep6:00 pmBlush Performs LIVE in London!
9sep6:00 pmBlush LIVE in Amsterdam!
10sep6:00 pmBlush in Paris!
11sep6:00 pmBlush Performs in Belgium!
13sep6:00 pmBlush in Stockholm!
14sep6:00 pmBlush LIVE in Norway!
19sep6:00 pmBlush LIVE in Fort Lauderdale!
21sep6:00 pmBlush Live at the House of Blues, Orlando!
22sep6:00 pmBlush in Atlanta!
23sep6:00 pmBlush Performs in Charlotte, NC!
25sep6:00 pmBlush Performs in Louisville!
26sep6:00 pmBlush in Indianapolis!
27sep6:00 pmSee Blush in Detroit!
28sep6:00 pmSee Blush in Chicago!
29sep6:00 pmBlush in Chicago!
30sep6:00 pmBlush in Minneapolis!